Marian Salzman’s Trends

As the short-order trend observer becomes ubiquitous, trend master chef Marian Salzman, an award-winning trendspotter of two decades and CEO of Havas PR, provides her unique insights with a penetrating focus in 14 forecasts for 2014. Pope Francis’ master branding, boomers rethinking the meaning of life to an unparalleled degree, the age of millennials being truly upon us—it’s all in Salzman’s annual trends report. Her methodology, pattern recognition, has been responsible for the launch or popularization of trends ranging from singletons and metrosexuality to hyperlocalization.

Here are previews of four predictions from the book:

1. #Artisanaleverything There’s infinite scope for crafted products—more than ever, people are valuing authenticity over mass-produced blandness.

2. #Innerspace #NewFrontier Scientists are exploring effects of the body’s microbiome—and it’s becoming a solid approach to tackling myriad health issues.

3. #MINT #TheNewBRIC Growth in the BRIC countries is stalling; look to a new power group—Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria and Turkey—to freshen a stale global economy.

4. #mPOS #ItsWhatsGlobal It has been almost two decades since online banking and e-commerce ascended in popularity—now it’s mobile payment systems’ turn.

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